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New Single Family Home Coming to the Central West End (4321 Maryland)

A new single family home will be constructed at 4321 Maryland in the Central West End. A $300,000 building permit application is on file with the City. The owner is Ryan Denisi.

The home is located in the Central West End Local Historic District and therefore required City approval of design prior to construction. That approval was granted at the March 2014 Preservation Board meeting.

Below is a drawing of the front facade, obtained from the City’s Cultural Resources Office’s March 2014 agenda:


And here is a Google Streetview capture of the current vacant lot:


Click here for a map of the area.

Proposed Opus Mixed Use Tower on Lindell Moves Forward (4643 Lindell)

The proposed $68 million development of a 12-story mixed use apartment building at 4643 Lindell is moving forward. The developer, Opus Group, has applied for a $68 million building permit this week. That permit has not yet been issued.

The mid-rise will house 217 apartments, 10,000 square feet of retail space, a pool, and more. To read more on the Opus tower, please read the nextSTL story. Construction is expected to begin this summer.

Below is a rendering of the new mid-rise, courtesy of nextSTL.

The new tower will replace the small American Heart Association building currently on the site.

Click here for a map of the area.

Four New Townhouses Headed to Lindenwood Park?

Developers of the Lindenwood Lofts and several new homes to the west are apparently attempting to finish the Lindenwood School development, begun in the mid-2000s, and build on all remaining vacant lots. The owner of the remaining lots is Rothschild Development.

[EDIT (4/4/14 at 6pm): We received a tip that Rothschild has sold the lots to another developer. Presently, we’re unsure of the name of the new developer. We’ll update the post again if we find out!]

[EDIT (4/9/14 at 10:30am): The developer may be Rubicon Corp.]

Four new building permit applications to construct townhouses, each in the amount of $150,000, were received by the City late last month. These permits have not yet been issued. The addresses are 3809, 3811, 3815, and 3817 Linden Tree Lane.

In November 2013, the developer constructed three new homes on the streets that bound the development—Mardel and Lindenwood Place. Now all that remain are four lots designed for two townhouse-style buildings on the west side of Linden Tree Lane.

The homes will most likely be built to match their neighbors across the street (see the example below).


Click here for a map of the area.

Cherokee Street Shipping Container Cafe Project Advances (2622 Cherokee)

Might we soon be dining in a series of re-used shipping containers to be assembled at 2622 Cherokee Street? Possibly. Owner of the current vacant lot at the site Jason Deem has applied for a $75,000 permit to construct a commercial building there. That permit has not yet been issued.

The new venture has been widely publicized in local media as it will be St. Louis’s first major commercial project to utilize shipping containers. The restaurant that is set to occupy the new building is called the Empire Cafe, named for the old establishment that once occupied the site in a historic building that was demolished in the mid-2000s.

Current plans look like this (all images were obtained from this Riverfront Times write-up; designs are from Killeen Studio Architects):

(View is looking northeast; buildings in color front Cherokee Street while the black and white facade is the Empire Cafe, set mostly along Texas Avenue.)


Another view:


And another:


Click here for a map of the area.

Two-Family Building to be Constructed in the Central West End (4384-86 Olive)

A two-family townhouse building will be constructed on two adjacent vacant lots addressed as 4584 and 4586 Olive Street in the Central West End, just west of Gaslight Square. The owner is Fenix Fund, LLC.

The project sought and was granted preliminary approval from the city’s Preservation Board at its February 24, 2014 meeting. Each parcel shows a $200,000 building permit application. The building permits have not yet been issued.

Below is a drawing of the north (primary) elevation of the two homes obtained from the Cultural Resources Office agenda prepared for the Preservation Board hearing:

Click here to read the Cultural Resources Office agenda item reviewing the Olive proposal (page 23 of the PDF).

Click here for a map of the area.

Building Permit Issued for West Pine Lofts Project (4034 West Pine)

A nearly $15,000,000 building permit has been issued for the proposed West Pine Lofts development at 4034 West Pine in the far eastern edge of the Central West End.

Hallmark Campus Communities, a developer that specializes in student-oriented housing, will construct the 206-unit, 4-story all-residential building. Current plans call for storefronts to face Sarah Street, but these storefronts will be filled with community space and a leasing office—not retail or restaurants. Several small scale industrial buildings on West Pine will be demolished to make way for the sprawling development.

For more details on the development, please read the nextSTL story here.

Below is a rendering showing the Sarah elevation (all photos obtained from the nextSTL story above):

And here is a rendering of the West Pine elevation:

The site plan is shown below:

Click here for a map of the area.

New Home Under Construction on the Hill (5517-19 Dugan)

A new single family home is under construction on top of two lots addressed as 5517-19 Dugan on the Hill. The permit amount for the construction was $346,000.

Recently, a one-story frame home common to the Hill neighborhood was torn down to accommodate the new house.

Below is a recent photograph of the new construction:

And here is a Geo St. Louis shot showing both the vacant lot at 5519 Dugan (at center) and the now-demolished home at 5517 Dugan (at right). The neighboring house to the west (left) still stands.

Click here for a map of the area.

New Home Facing Lafayette Park to Be Built (1414 Mississippi)

A new home will be constructed on a Lafayette Park-facing vacant lot addressed as 1414 Mississippi. The contractor on the permit is shown to be Diversified Real Estate Group.

The building permit valued at $400,000 was issued this week. The home will be one of two constructed on the parcel currently addressed as 1412 Mississippi, just south of Park Avenue.

Below is a rendering of both proposed homes:

And here is a shot of the vacant lot from Geo St. Louis:

Click here for the MLS listing while it is still active.

Click here for a map of the area.

Contemporary Home Rises in Botanical Heights (4319 McRee)

A new contemporary home is under construction at 4319 McRee in the Botanical Heights / McRee Town neighborhood. UIC is the builder/developer. The home is located one block west of their Botanical Grove development that currently includes most lots on the 4200 block of McRee.

Below is the new home at 4319 McRee as seen from its east- and south-facing facades:

4319 Mc Ree1

And here is another angle, looking at the structure’s west-facing facade:


Click here for a map of the area.

Early Childhood Education Center Constructed in Carr Square (1908 O’Fallon)

The Flance Early Learning Center has been constructed at 1908 O’Fallon in the Carr Square neighborhood.

The Center will provide a range of services including:

  • A full-service demonstration kitchen for children and families to learn about healthy eating and cooking habits
  • An adventure playground that encourages physical activity and creativity in play
  • An in-house wellness suite to provide critical preventative services and developmental screenings
  • A community education room that will host workshops on critical parenting topics for both parents and outside childcare providers
  • Rooms designated for moms to nurse their babies

According to their website, the Flance Center seeks to become the first preschool/early learning center in Missouri and only the fourth worldwide to be certified under the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED for Schools rating system.

Below is a rendering of the Flance Early Learning Center:

And here is a shot from their Facebook page showing the progress of construction (in January):

Click here for a map of the area.

New Alley House Coming to Lafayette Square (1421 Missouri)

A new alley house will be constructed at 1421 Missouri in Lafayette Square at a cost of $300,000.

The home’s design received preliminary approval at the City’s July 2013 Preservation Board meeting. Below are some screen captures from the Cultural Resources Office agenda for that meeting showing the historic model example (HME) submitted for the new construction as well as a drawing of the facade:



The home will sit at the rear of the parcel addressed as 1421 Missouri.

Click here for a map of the area.

Gaslight Square Contemporary Home Under Construction (4211 Washington)

A new Anthony Robinson-designed contemporary home is under construction at 4211 Washington in the Gaslight Square area of the Central West End.

Below is a recent photograph of construction progress:

Click here for a map of the area.

A.T. Still University Dental School and Clinic to be Built near Old City Hospital (1400 Grattan)

As announced in May 2013, A.T. Still University of Kirksville, Missouri will be constructing a $23 million dental school and clinic at the intersection of Truman Parkway and Park Avenue, technically addressed as 1400 Grattan.

Recently, A.T. Still University’s architect on the project, Cannon Design, held a meeting to discuss the project. They provided two renderings at that meeting. Please watch the Youtube video here. (Hat tip to the urbanSTL forums for this video link).

Or, if you want to see some very blurry screen caps of the above video, check them out below.

Below is the east facade, the primary entrance that will face a rather sizable parking lot. This facade also faces the newly renovated old City Hospital Power Plant building, which now contains the Climb So iLL climbing gym and the restaurant Element.


And here is the west facade facing Truman Parkway / Grattan. The rendering appears to be looking southeast towards the Old City Hospital (now the Georgian Condominiums).


Again—apologies for the low quality captures. If we can locate better renderings, we will post them here.

Click here for a map of the area.

Development Watch #1

Apologies for slow times on the St. Louis Neighborhood Development Blog. Winter weather has both slowed down permit activity and the ability to photograph what’s going on out there.

And so, to make up for the blog’s dormancy, below is a rare posting of several different potential projects.

  • Is the Mississippi Bluffs condominium development reviving? There are now two separate “grading and site work per plans” building permit applications on file, one for 5100 S. Broadway in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood and the other at 5224 S. Broadway. The owner is listed as McBride and Son Homes. Both are valued at $233,000. Might we see some new homes pop up on this riverfront site, next to the circa 2009 existing Mississippi Bluff Condos?

Image from

Click here for a map of the area.

  • A $3.5 million dollar rehabilitation/remodeling of the old Blair School in the St. Louis Place neighborhood (2707 Rauschenbach) may begin soon, as there is now a building permit application on file in that amount for the property. The owner is 2707 Rauschenbach Associates, LLC. McCormack Baron Salazar is the developer and has maintained the complex since 1996. More information is available here.

Image from St. Louis City Talk blog.

Click here for a map of the area.

  • Two new homes are to be built in the Skinker DeBaliviere neighborhood located at 5789 and 5791 McPherson Avenue. Two separate $100,000 permits were issued last week to construct the two new single families. The owner is McPherson 2001 Land Company, which has constructed several homes on this once heavily vacant block (including these homes on the same block). In all likelihood, the homes will look similar to the one shown below (at left).

Click here for map of the area.

  • Another new single family home is coming to a vacant lot in Lafayette Square located at 1216 Dolman. A $310,000 building permit was issued last week to construct the single family home. The property is actually an active listing on MLS, listed by Diversified Real Estate Group. See that listing here while it is still live. Below is a photograph of the model they intend to build:

Click here for a map of the area.

  • A $7 million building permit application is now on file for 4400 Manchester, a 55-unit mixed use development in Forest Park Southeast proposed by Amy and Amrit Gill of Restoration St. Louis. The permit has not yet been issued. Below is a rendering of the proposed mixed use building:

Click here for a map of the area.

  • Last last month, Bissinger’s applied for a $3.8 million permit to rehab a warehouse they purchased at 1600 North Broadway in the Near North Riverfront area for the purposes of opening a new production facility with retail space and public tours. That permit has not yet been issued. For more information, click here.

Below is a Google Streetview capture of 1600 N. Broadway:

Click here for a map of the area.

  • A $1 million building permit application is on file (not yet issued) to construct a mixed use building at 1924 Edwards on the Hill. Pagano Land Development, LLC is shown as the owner. The building would have three residential units and one commercial space. In addition to the new mixed use building, Pagano has applied to construct a new single family home just to the north—1918 Edwards—at a cost of $250,000. Pagano has developed the town homes located at Macklind and Magnolia nearby in the Southwest Garden. Currently they are planning to construct three new units of similar design in Forest Park Southeast. Read more on that development here. Presently, we have not seen any renderings for this proposed mixed use building on the Hill. When we find one, we will post it on this site.

Click here for a map of the area.

Three New Single Family Homes Proposed for Forest Park Southeast

Three new homes have been proposed for construction by Pagano Land Development and HDC Homes without Limits on three vacant lots in the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood. The lots are located at 4401 Gibson, 4403 Gibson, and 4448 Chouteau.

The Forest Park Southeast Development Committee will review the proposal and consider offering tax abatement for the three new homes at its monthly meeting this coming Tuesday, December 17, 2013 at 5:30 p.m.

The homes would be fully-accessible and green-certified and would clock in at 2,200 square feet each.

The model submitted to the Development Committee to demonstrate the design of the new homes was Pagano’s previous construction at Macklind and Magnolia in the Southwest Garden neighborhood (see below):

Click here to read the Forest Park Southeast Development Committee agenda item.

Click here for a map of the area.