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Contemporary Home Rises in Botanical Heights (4319 McRee)

A new contemporary home is under construction at 4319 McRee in the Botanical Heights / McRee Town neighborhood. UIC is the builder/developer. The home is located one block west of their Botanical Grove development that currently includes most lots on the 4200 block of McRee.

Below is the new home at 4319 McRee as seen from its east- and south-facing facades:

4319 Mc Ree1

And here is another angle, looking at the structure’s west-facing facade:


Click here for a map of the area.

Botanical Heights Building to be Rehabbed (4226 Blaine)

A four-family building located at 4226 Blaine in the Botanical Heights / McRee Town neighborhood will be rehabbed into two fee simple townhouse units at a cost of $70,000, per recent permit activity. The owner is Bauer Equity Partners, LLC.

Below is a Google Streetview capture of the building, which according to city records, may have been vacant since the late 1980s.


This site sits just north of the 4200 block of McRee—the epicenter of UIC’s Botanical Grove development.

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Botanical Grove Development Will Move Eastward, Build New Models

The ongoing Botanical Grove development by developers UIC will continue to expand eastward, onto the 4100 blocks of McRee, Blaine, and Folsom, in the former McRee Town neighborhood for the development’s second phase.

The first phase, confined mostly to Tower Grove Avenue and the 4200 block of McRee, is nearing completion, and nearly all new construction and most historic rehabs have sold. See an overview of available lots in the neighborhood here.

Below is a UIC rendering (screen capped and cropped from this document) of the two new models proposed for the 4100 block of Blaine, which contains a large span of presently vacant lots.

photo a36f4fee-9307-4f94-99da-a30ecd0056b3_zps19b92fef.jpg

More information on these two new models may be found here (for the 1 1/2 story flounder model) and here (for the two-story model).

Click here for a map of the 4100 block of Blaine.

Botanical Heights/McRee Town Rehab Progressing (4227 McRee)

A $200,000 rehab of 4227 McRee in the old McRee Town neighborhood is underway, courtesy of Botanical Grove developers UIC.

Below is a recent shot pulled from the Facebook page of Botanical Grove Homes:

And here is a shot from Geo St. Louis dating to 2007:

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Botanical Grove Development Progressing (4200 Block of McRee)

UIC's Botanical Grove Development is progressing with several rehab and new construction projects side by side. All properties are located on the 4200 block of McRee in the old McRee Town neighborhood (now called Botanical Heights).

4203 McRee, seen below, is the newest of the bunch and is at present just a foundation in the ground.

4209 and 4211 McRee are two historic rehabilitation projects of classic red brick buildings:

4217 McRee is nearing completion:

4228 McRee isn’t quite as far along.

And finally, 4254 McRee:

All photographs above were obtained from Botanical Grove Homes’ Facebook page (linked here). The photographs date to 12/12/12.

Click here for a map of the area.

Click here for the development’s web site.

Update: Botanical Heights Single Family Now Restored (4259 Lafayette)

A single family home in Botanical Heights (old McRee Town) has been rehabbed at a cost of $55,000. Click here to read the previous post on this rehab.

Below is a recent photograph of the completed rehab:

This 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home is currently for sale for $179,900. Click here for the listing, which also contains interior shots. [Note: link will expire when the home is taken off the market].

Click here for a map of the area.

Former Gas Station Under Rehab into Wine Bar (4266 McRee)

The former gas station at 4266 McRee in the Botanical Heights neighborhood (old McRee Town) is currently under a $400,000 rehab into a wine bar named Olio. It will be attached via structural hyphen to an adjacent home to the east on McRee, which will house a restaurant named Elaia. The restaurant and wine bar will be curated by Ben Poremba, co-owner of artisan meat shop Salume Beddu.

This project is a sub-set of the larger Botanical Grove development, in which Urban Improvement Construction has set about improving the once forlorn 4200 block of McRee with rehabs and new homes. The development also includes the stretch of Tower Grove just north of McRee, where a new bakery (Chouquette) is set to open soon and where City Garden Montessori School is set to move and expand.

For more information on Elaia and Olio, click here.

The photographs below show the transformation over the past few months.

From May 2012:

And from September 2012, post-delivery of glazed bricks:

Photo credits: Amy Lampe

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New Single Family Home in Botanical Grove Development Progressing (4230 McRee)

When we last checked into the progress of 4230 McRee in the Botanical Grove development, it was a plain box in the early stages of construction.

Now, it looks quite different. In the photograph below, 4230 McRee is at left (with the orange trim).

Click here for a map of the area.

Another New Single Family Home Coming to Botanical Grove (4230 McRee)

Urban Improvement Construction is building another single family home at 4230 McRee at a cost of $201,000. 4230 McRee is another addition to UIC’s Botanical Grove development, located in the Botanical Heights/McRee Town neighborhood.

The Botanical Grove development includes rehabs as well as new construction, mostly concentrated on the 4200 block of McRee. However, Tower Grove Avenue is also being improved as a part of the development. It will soon be home to City Garden Montessori School, Chouquette bakery, and wine bar-restaurant combo Elaia and Olio.

Below is a recent shot of the building under construction:

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Two Homes in Old McRee Town Getting Rehab Treatment

Two adjacent single-family homes in old McRee Town, now Botanical Heights, are under rehab. The first is 4259 Lafayette, under a $55,000 rehab. It has been vacant since at least 2008. The second is its neighbor to the west, 4261 Lafayette, getting rehabbed for $50,000, also vacant since 2008. The owner of 4259 is shown to be 1st American Real Estate Company; the owner of 4261 is the Garden District Commission.

Below is a recent photograph focused on 4259 Lafayette (4261 Lafayette is partially visible to the left, or west).

The 4200 block of Lafayette may be enjoying a rehab boom thanks to all of the work taking place in the adjacent 4200 block of McRee (one block to the north), where UIC has been building several new homes and rehabbing still more as a part of its Botanical Grove development. For more information, click here.

Click here for a map of the area.

Botanical Grove Development Announces Several Sold Properties

Urban Improvement Construction’s Botanical Grove development in the Botanical Heights neighborhood (formerly McRee Town) has announced the sale or pre-sale of 9 properties.

Below are a few addresses that have sold. All photographs are from the Botanical Grove Homes Facebook page.

4209 McRee

4217 McRee - To Be Built

4230 McRee - To Be Built

4216 McRee

4211 McRee

4240-42 McRee (two units)

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Botanical Grove Development Brings New Homes to Old McRee Town

The bulk of the 4200 block of McRee is being transformed as a part of Urban Improvement Construction’s (UIC) Botanical Grove development, which involves both historic rehabilitation and new construction of homes.

One such new home is located at 4248 McRee. It is now complete. A photograph from UIC’s Facebook page is shown below. (For interior photos, please see the entire album on Facebook).

This blog will cover individual projects from the Botanical Grove development, so make sure to follow the “Botanical Grove” tag.

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