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Lafayette Square Warehouse Set for Mixed Use Conversion (1917 Rutger)

A warehouse building located at 1917 Rutger (at Mississippi Avenue) in Lafayette Square may soon be rehabbed into 30 residential units and 1 commercial space according to a recent building permit application. Owner JLSK Properties, LLC has applied for a permit in the amount of $800,000 to rehab the building. That permit has not yet been issued.

Below is a Google Streetview capture of the building:


Lafayette Square was initially an upscale 19th Century Victorian suburb that was quite a hike from the bustling city (within the confines of today’s downtown). As factories and warehouses began to encroach on the residential district in the 20th Century, the well-heeled residents fled to new wealthy enclaves farther west. Today, in cyclical fashion. some of these warehouses and industrial sites have been converted back into residential uses (the Lofts at Lafayette Square/M Lofts). The warehouse at 1917 Rutger may soon add to those ranks.

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A Small, yet Striking Transformation in Lafayette Square (2011 Park)

Typically this blog focuses on “total rehabs” of once-vacant and damaged buildings–if not new construction. Yet often it’s the smaller details that make neighborhoods shine. Take for example a restoration of a historic mansard roof in Lafayette Square at 2011 Park Avenue.

Below is a “before” picture (circa July 2011) from Google Streetview showing a three-story historic building with a somewhat odd third story transition:


The building’s French-styled mansard roof had been lost at some point in history. Fast forward to May 2014 and the mansard roof is reborn (at a cost of $75,000, per city building permit records):


While it’s hard to label the restoration of an ornate roof line as a “subtle” change, on a neighborhood level, it is just that. This small change clearly adds a disproportionately large amount of character to an already architecturally-rich neighborhood.

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New Home Facing Lafayette Park to Be Built (1414 Mississippi)

A new home will be constructed on a Lafayette Park-facing vacant lot addressed as 1414 Mississippi. The contractor on the permit is shown to be Diversified Real Estate Group.

The building permit valued at $400,000 was issued this week. The home will be one of two constructed on the parcel currently addressed as 1412 Mississippi, just south of Park Avenue.

Below is a rendering of both proposed homes:

And here is a shot of the vacant lot from Geo St. Louis:

Click here for the MLS listing while it is still active.

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New Alley House Coming to Lafayette Square (1421 Missouri)

A new alley house will be constructed at 1421 Missouri in Lafayette Square at a cost of $300,000.

The home’s design received preliminary approval at the City’s July 2013 Preservation Board meeting. Below are some screen captures from the Cultural Resources Office agenda for that meeting showing the historic model example (HME) submitted for the new construction as well as a drawing of the facade:



The home will sit at the rear of the parcel addressed as 1421 Missouri.

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Development Watch #1

Apologies for slow times on the St. Louis Neighborhood Development Blog. Winter weather has both slowed down permit activity and the ability to photograph what’s going on out there.

And so, to make up for the blog’s dormancy, below is a rare posting of several different potential projects.

  • Is the Mississippi Bluffs condominium development reviving? There are now two separate “grading and site work per plans” building permit applications on file, one for 5100 S. Broadway in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood and the other at 5224 S. Broadway. The owner is listed as McBride and Son Homes. Both are valued at $233,000. Might we see some new homes pop up on this riverfront site, next to the circa 2009 existing Mississippi Bluff Condos?

Image from

Click here for a map of the area.

  • A $3.5 million dollar rehabilitation/remodeling of the old Blair School in the St. Louis Place neighborhood (2707 Rauschenbach) may begin soon, as there is now a building permit application on file in that amount for the property. The owner is 2707 Rauschenbach Associates, LLC. McCormack Baron Salazar is the developer and has maintained the complex since 1996. More information is available here.

Image from St. Louis City Talk blog.

Click here for a map of the area.

  • Two new homes are to be built in the Skinker DeBaliviere neighborhood located at 5789 and 5791 McPherson Avenue. Two separate $100,000 permits were issued last week to construct the two new single families. The owner is McPherson 2001 Land Company, which has constructed several homes on this once heavily vacant block (including these homes on the same block). In all likelihood, the homes will look similar to the one shown below (at left).

Click here for map of the area.

  • Another new single family home is coming to a vacant lot in Lafayette Square located at 1216 Dolman. A $310,000 building permit was issued last week to construct the single family home. The property is actually an active listing on MLS, listed by Diversified Real Estate Group. See that listing here while it is still live. Below is a photograph of the model they intend to build:

Click here for a map of the area.

  • A $7 million building permit application is now on file for 4400 Manchester, a 55-unit mixed use development in Forest Park Southeast proposed by Amy and Amrit Gill of Restoration St. Louis. The permit has not yet been issued. Below is a rendering of the proposed mixed use building:

Click here for a map of the area.

  • Last last month, Bissinger’s applied for a $3.8 million permit to rehab a warehouse they purchased at 1600 North Broadway in the Near North Riverfront area for the purposes of opening a new production facility with retail space and public tours. That permit has not yet been issued. For more information, click here.

Below is a Google Streetview capture of 1600 N. Broadway:

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  • A $1 million building permit application is on file (not yet issued) to construct a mixed use building at 1924 Edwards on the Hill. Pagano Land Development, LLC is shown as the owner. The building would have three residential units and one commercial space. In addition to the new mixed use building, Pagano has applied to construct a new single family home just to the north—1918 Edwards—at a cost of $250,000. Pagano has developed the town homes located at Macklind and Magnolia nearby in the Southwest Garden. Currently they are planning to construct three new units of similar design in Forest Park Southeast. Read more on that development here. Presently, we have not seen any renderings for this proposed mixed use building on the Hill. When we find one, we will post it on this site.

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New Single Family Home Coming to Lafayette Square (1107 Dolman)

A new single family home is being constructed at 1107 Dolman in Lafayette Square. The building permit amount is $250,000.

The new structure will join several other recent new single family homes to create a nearly intact street wall from what as recently as a decade ago a desolate block filled with vacant lots.

The builders, Tyler Olsen and Christopher Brenner, sought and received design approval from the city’s Preservation Board this October. The rendering of the home below was acquired through the city’s Cultural Resource Office’s October 2013 Preservation Board Agenda.

Below is a Geo St. Louis photograph showing the build site (between the two fences):

Click here for a map of the area.

Developer Plans Five New Single Family Homes in Lafayette Square (1216-28 Dolman)

Diversified Real Estate Group has plans for five new homes located at 1216 through 1228 Dolman in the Lafayette Square Historic District. A $2 million building permit is on file with the City’s Building Division to construct the five new single family homes. The permit has not yet been issued and must be approved by Zoning since these lots are zoned C - Multiple Family Residential.

The real estate listings for four of the five lots are currently active. Click here to see one such listing while the link is still live. The homes are being marketed as 3 bed, 3 bathroom structures (around 2,100 square feet) priced in the mid-400s.

Below is the sample photo used on the real estate listing, which may be an indication of the style of construction:


Click here for a map of the area.

Two New Single Family Homes Coming to Lafayette Square (1706 and 1716 Carroll)

Two building permits, each valued at $250,000, have been issued to construct single family homes at 1706 and 1716 Carroll Street in the Lafayette Square neighborhood. The homes will add to two already completed in the small development that comprises a total of seven lots on the south side of Carroll between Dolman and South 18th. The first one completed was a corner unit at 1702 Carroll (profiled here). The second to be completed was at the opposite corner, 1728 Carroll (profiled here).

STLNABEDEV does not have renderings of the two new proposed homes at 1706 and 1716 Carroll, but they may be similar to their predecessors (shown below).

Below is 1702 Carroll:

And here is 1728 Carroll:

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Two Family in Lafayette Square Historic District to be Rehabbed? (1028 Dolman)

A two-family building located at 1028 Dolman in the Lafayette Square Historic District (Peabody Darst Webbe neighborhood, officially speaking) is slated for a $140,000 rehabilitation, per city building permit records. The permit has not yet been issued.

Below is a recent Geo St. Louis photograph of the structure:


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New Lafayette Square Single Family Home Rises (1728 Carroll)

A new single family home at 1728 Carroll in the Lafayette Square neighborhood is nearly completed.

The home is a bookend to a small development of single family homes on the south side of the 1700 block of Carroll. As of right now, only one other home is completed (1702 Carroll, at the opposite end of the block), but some of the remaining lots on the block have been sold and await construction.

Below is a recent photo of 1728 Carroll:

Click here for a map of the area.

Update: Lafayette Square Rehab Progressing (1620-24 Dolman)

The row house building at 1620-24 Dolman in the Lafayette Square Historic District (Peabody Darst Webbe neighborhood) is actively under rehab. The three units are under rehabilitation for $80,000 each by Zumwalt Corporation. The last time we checked into the site, permits had not yet been issued (check out a pre-rehab photo on that blog post).

Now, work is underway. See the recent photograph below.

Long ago, the building’s southernmost member of the row (1624 Dolman) was slated for demolition due to advanced deterioration. The matter went before the Preservation Board, where the request for demolition was denied. Instead, the row of three town houses will remain intact and (most likely) occupied for the first time in quite a while.

Click here for a map of the area.

Lafayette Square Rehab Underway (1215 Mississippi)

A single family home at 1215 Mississippi in Lafayette Square is undergoing a $110,000 rehab by Bi State Property Group. A third story addition has been proposed as a part of the rehab.

Below is a recent photograph of the structure:

Click here for a map of the area.

Rehab in Lafayette Square Historic District Now Complete

The former Missouri Carriage Company building at 1410 Dolman has undergone a $100,000 rehab into a single family home. Mica Development essentially rebuilt the front facade and has gut rehabbed the structure.

Below is a photograph obtained from MARIS showing the completed building.

As of the time of this writing, the 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath home is for sale for $450,000. Click here for the listing, which also contains interior shots.

Geo St. Louis contains photographs of the building prior to rehab:

Click here for a map of the area.

New Single Family Home Completed in Lafayette Square (1022 Mississippi)

A new single family home located at 1022 Mississippi in Lafayette Square has been constructed on a vacant lot at a cost of $200,000.

Below is a recent photograph of the structure:

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Thomas Hart Benton Statue in Lafayette Park Restored

Buildings aren’t the only objects being restored on the St. Louis landscape.

Work is now complete on the restoration of Lafayette Park’s Thomas Hart Benton Statue.

Thomas Hart Benton was a Missouri Senator from 1821 to 1851. He served as the Western United States’—and St. Louis’s—greatest advocate, believing that St. Louis was perfectly positioned to exploit the travel of goods from the rich and growing West to the thriving but waning East. The phrase “There is the East. There is India”, uttered by Benton during a speech, indicated his belief that the western U.S. contained all of the fabled riches of India and more. It is inscribed on the statue honoring him.

Back in 2011, the St. Louis Beacon wrote a very in depth article on the statue’s restoration. It may be accessed here.

The article explains that the Benton statue was the first public monument in the U.S. created by a woman (Harriet Hosmer) as well as the first west of the Mississippi River.

Two shots of the restored monument follow:

And from the Lafayette Square neighborhood website, here is a pre-restoration photo:

Click here for a map of the area.