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Unique Building Reuse in Franz Park Completed (2152 Blendon)

An old church building at the western edge of the city in the Franz Park (Dogtown) neighborhood has been converted into a single family with a “studio”, according to permit records (what type of studio is unspecified). The address is 2152 Blendon Place. The building was rehabbed for $32,000.

The property actually contains two buildings. In the Google Streetview capture below, the low-slung stone building barely visible to the north is included on the parcel.

Click here for a map of the area.

Habitat for Humanity Rehab to Begin Soon (2010 Kraft)

CORRECTION, 9/12/12 at 1:45p.m. We have learned from Habitat for Humanity that 2010 Kraft is not the organization’s first rehab project in St. Louis. In fact, there have been several (including one in Forest Park Southeast, Walnut Park, and College Hill, in addition to two homes in suburban Florissant). Nevertheless, 2010 Kraft in the Dogtown area will be the first Habitat rehab in the city in quite some time.

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Habitat for Humanity - St. Louis will soon begin its first residential rehab project. The group is famous for utilizing volunteers’ and prospective homeowners’ “sweat equity” to construct new homes at a much cheaper cost than a typical home. But never before in St. Louis has Habitat attempted a rehab project as opposed to new construction.

The single family building at 2010 Kraft, in the Franz Park neighborhood in the Dogtown area, will be the lucky first rehab project. The permit cost is $100,000.

Below is a recent shot of the building:

Photo credit: Ryan Albritton

Click here for a map of the area.

New Single Family Home Constructed in Franz Park (1540 Fairmount)

The single family home at 1540 Fairmount has been built on a block in the Dogtown area (Franz Park neighborhood) that is primarily new construction. The block is also notable for having some incredible views of the entire city due to its high elevation. Some have even nicknamed the pinnacle of the 1500 block of Fairmount “Mount Dogtown”. Still, these currently empty lots have been subdivided and will soon be built upon. But that’s for another post.

1540 Fairmount is pictured below in this MARIS photograph. The 3 bedrooom, 2.5 bath home is presently for sale for $230,000. That link also contains interior photographs.

Click here for a map of the area.