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Another New Apartment Building on the Horizon for St. Louis University Area? (3933-59 West Pine)

More apartments–in all likelihood, student housing–may be headed to the vicinity of the St. Louis University (SLU) campus, this time west of campus at 3933-59 West Pine, across the street and to the east of the now-under construction 206-unit West Pine Lofts development. These new plans are hinted at in the latest City Journal (see page 23 of this PDF), a common source of development news via the City’s required public hearing notices for the Board of Adjustment. The Board of Adjustment reviews proposed land uses that conflict with present zoning regulations.

The Journal states that CW Homes is attempting to construct a new multi-family structure across five city lots on West Pine addressed as 3933 (a multi-family), 3937 (another multi-family); 3943-51 (an industrial building); 3953-55 (a portion of a parking lot); and 3959 (the remaining portion of said parking lot). The owner of the lots is Conway Pine Holdings, LLC.

The Board of Adjustment must approve the proposed land use. The area is currently zoned H – Area Commercial. The Board of Adjustment public hearing is on October 8, 2014 at 1:30 pm in Room 208 of City Hall.

Below is a photograph of buildings on the development site that are likely slated for demolition if the Board of Adjustment approves the project. The first building to the right is 3933 West Pine, followed by 3937, and 3943-51 moving left (west) in the photo.


Below is a head-on shot of two of the buildings within the development footprint.


Few other details regarding the development are available at this early stage (unit counts, a rendering, construction schedule, etc.).

If this project is indeed student housing, it will continue a trend of new student-oriented construction in the area. See below for a recap:

  • Already mentioned was the West Pine Lofts development on this same block. It is now under construction.
  • Also under construction in the SLU-area is The Standard, a 164-unit student-oriented housing development located at the northeast corner of Forest Park Avenue and Vandeventer.
  • Recently proposed was a 179-unit student housing structure on the 3700 block of Olive, just north of SLU.
  • In the “Probably Cancelled but Still Possible” Department is a student housing proposal at 3920 West Pine, located across the street from 3933-59 West Pine. In this proposal, quietly leaked last year without visible progress since, a one-story warehouse building may be rehabbed and preserved with a mid-rise built above it. Klitzing Welsch Associates displays the renderings for this proposed project on their website. Below is one of the renderings:


  • The Cortex Innovation District issued an RFP earlier this year for the “Silo Lofts”, a residential mid-rise proposed for the southeast corner of Forest Park Avenue and Sarah, within sight of the now under construction IKEA store. The Silo Lofts is not being marketed as a student housing project, but may still serve that population.
  • Proposed but possibly stalled is a student housing development on the site of the old Shack restaurant on the 3800 block of Laclede just south of the SLU campus.

If we receive more information on the 3933-59 West Pine development, we will update this post.

Click here for a map of the area.

Two New Homes Coming to Gaslight Square (4161 and 4163 Olive)

Developer/builder UIC’s three-lot Olive Green development may soon be complete with the construction of two new single family homes located at 4161 and 4163 Olive in the heart of the Gaslight Square development. The home at 4165 Olive was completed nearly a year ago. UIC applied for building permits this week in the amount of $200,000 for 4161 Olive and $220,000 for 4163 Olive. Those building permits have not yet been issued.

Below is a photograph of 4165 Olive (partially obscured by a street lamp–apologies) from last year. According to UIC’s PDF for the Olive Green development, 4161 and 4163 Olive will look nearly identical.


And here is a screen capture of a rendering of the three Olive Green homes together:


Click here for a map of the area.

Gerhart Block Redevelopment to Include Neighboring Property (3910-12 Laclede)

The proposed $8 million redevelopment of the Gerhart Block at the eastern edge of the Central West End neighborhood that was announced in February of this year may include the neighboring property at 3910-12 Laclede. Capstone Development is the developer. The development has a Facebook page that contains pictures of both the Gerhart Block building and the 3910-12 Laclede building.

The building at 3910-12 Laclede sports a striking black cast iron turret and would be a small neighborhood landmark were it not somewhat tucked away in a semi-industrial pocket of the City.

Below is a Google Streetview capture of the building:


The project has not officially begun (not permits have yet been issued), but it appears interior demolition is underway, as there is currently a dumpster behind the building.

Below is a before/after shot of the Gerhart Block, which neighbors 3910-12 Laclede to the east:


Click here for a map of the area.

New Single Family Home Coming to the Central West End (4321 Maryland)

A new single family home will be constructed at 4321 Maryland in the Central West End. A $300,000 building permit application is on file with the City. The owner is Ryan Denisi.

The home is located in the Central West End Local Historic District and therefore required City approval of design prior to construction. That approval was granted at the March 2014 Preservation Board meeting.

Below is a drawing of the front facade, obtained from the City’s Cultural Resources Office’s March 2014 agenda:


And here is a Google Streetview capture of the current vacant lot:


Click here for a map of the area.

Central West End Commercial Building Under Rehab (4260 Westminster Place)

A small commercial building that fronts on North Boyle but is addressed as 4260 Westminster Place in the Central West End / Gaslight Square neighborhood is now undergoing a $40,000 rehab by owner Jeffrey Raglani. Based on the permit information, the building may be converted to a residential unit.

In May 2010, the building was proposed for demolition under the previous owner, but that demolition was denied by the city’s Preservation Board. More information is available on the Preservation Research Office blog.

Hat tip goes to Jeff Vines (of STL-STyLe fame) for spotting the rehab work getting underway.

Below is a Google Streetview capture of the building, whose brick has begun to spall.


Jeff Vines has also provided a snapshot of a rendering posted on the building.


Click here for a map of the area.

Thanks, Jeff!

CORTEX Moves Ahead with $23.5 Million Heritage Building Rehab (4240 Duncan)

The CORTEX development, in its second phase, will add to its ranks a rehabbed Southwestern Bell building at 4240 Duncan, to be called the Heritage Building. The recently issued building permit to turn the old warehouse-style building into lab space was valued at $23.5 million. (As an aside, CORTEX also has planned a new MetroLink station near Boyle Avenue, just adjacent to the Heritage Building).

For more information on CORTEX’s Phase Two development in the eastern portion of the Central West End, including plans for MetroLink, see this January 2012 nextSTL article.

Below is a rendering of a rehabbed Heritage Building:

Click here for a map of the area.

Update: Rehab of 4432-34 Olive in the Central West End Nearing Completion

The former commercial building at 4432-34 Olive in the Central West End is nearing the end of its $450,000 rehab.

Below is a recent photograph of the building:

And below is a shot of the building prior to rehab (Google Streetview):

Click here for a map of the area.

Click here for the earlier story on this website.

3949 Lindell Apartment Building to be Reconstructed after July 2012 Fire

A $9.4 million building permit has been issued to rebuild the fire-destroyed 3949 Lindell Apartment Complex. The July blaze completely destroyed the complex and left dozens of residents homeless.

Below is a photograph (courtesy of Ryan Hildebrand) of the building prior to the July fire:

There has been no word on whether the building will be constructed any differently (with regard to both fire-proofing and exterior design). If we obtain any further information, we will post it here.

Shriners to Build Outpatient Orthopedic Surgery Center in Central West End (4400 Clayton)

On November 5, 2012, a $33,000,000 building permit was issued to Shriners to construct a hospital at 4400 Clayton Avenue in the Central West End.

Read the following December 2011 story from the Post-Dispatch for more information.

When we receive an updated rendering, we will post it here.

Click here for a map of the area.

Central West End Mansion Vacant and Boarded No More (5203 Washington Place)

For years the stately single family home at the corner of Washington Place and Lake sat vacant and boarded, a relative rarity for this neighborhood and an extreme rarity for such a large home. A $300,000 rehabilitation by McKelvey Homes has restored the mansion.

Below is a recent photograph of the completed rehab:

Click here for a map of the area.

Three New Single Family Homes Proposed in the Central West End (4357-65 Washington)

Developers X3 intend to build three new single family homes on adjacent empty lots in the northern portion of the Central West End. The homes will be located at 4357, 4361, and 4365 Washington.

Each is currently for sale. Click here for 4357; here for 4361; and here for 4365's listing.

Below are MARIS photos/renderings of each building, starting with 4357:

Here is 4361:

And here is 4365:

This block of Washington was one of the Central West End’s most vacant and empty for a long while. Nicki Dwyer’s excellent Central West End Guide blog has covered the resurgence of the 4300 block of Washington. If they come to fruition, these three homes will only further improve this part of the Central West End.

Click here for a map of the area.

New Medical Building Comes to Northern Edge of the Central West End (4510 Delmar)

A new medical building—Gateway Digestive and Liver Center—is being constructed at 4510 Delmar in the Central West End at an estimated cost of $1 million.

Below is a recent photograph of construction activity:

Most recently, the site was a large vacant lot. Geo St. Louis gives a visual:

As construction progresses, photographs will be posted here. Likewise, if we discover a rendering of the intended final product, we will post it here.

Click here for a map of the area.

"Olive Green" Development Coming to Gaslight Square?

Urban Improvement Construction recently announced that they are pre-selling four new row house units in Gaslight Square at 4161, 4163, 4165, and 4167 Olive. The development is currently known as Olive Green and will incorporate “green” elements in construction.

A (small) rendering is provided on their website.

More details on the development, including interior layouts and pricing, are available here.

Click here for a map of the area.

Laclede Lofts Development in the Central West End May Add More Student Housing Options

Ebersoldt + Associates has been selected as the architect for the Laclede Lofts project, located at 3965 Laclede in the extreme eastern portion of the Central West End nearest to St. Louis University’s campus. Plans are to convert the building to loft apartments serving SLU students.

Below is a photograph of the building dated December 6, 2011. The building is in a very similar state today (though the neighboring building to the west has been demolished). The photo is from Ebersoldt + Associates’ Facebook page.

Their Facebook page also contains a rendering:

Click here for a map of the area.

Central West End Rehab to Convert Commercial Building into Residential

The commercial building at 4432-34 Olive is slated to become residential, based on permit activity. Contractor Blackline LLC will rehab the building into eight units at a cost of $450,000.

Below is a recent shot of the (early) work on the building.

Below is a Google Streetview shot dating to June 2011:

View Larger Map

Click here for a map of the area.