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Six New Townhouses Coming to Bohemian Hill? (1703 S. Tucker)

The St. Louis Redevelopment Company, LLC has applied for a building permit to construct six new townhouses at 1703 S. Tucker (at the corner of Lafayette) in the Bohemian Hill section of the City (technically within the Peabody Darst Webbe neighborhood). The permit is labeled as “zoning only”, which means the city’s Zoning Section must approve the land use for the site prior to any further work or permit issuance.

The architect on the project may be Anthony Duncan, who has been tasked with designing several outside-of-the-box projects in St. Louis.

One such project is a shipping container structure in the Grove, a project that seems to be stalled. Below is the rendering for that project found on Mr. Duncan’s website:

TB 11x17_CS2

In this early stage of the Bohemian Hill project, there are no known renderings or sketches of the proposed Bohemian Hill infill. If we discover such images, we will be sure to post them on this blog.

Nevertheless, it is significant that there is a residential proposal for this large and highly visibly vacant lot. For years the entirety of Bohemian Hill seemed to be threatened with demolition by the encroaching Gilded Age development to the west that now includes a Walgreen’s and local grocer Fields Foods. In fact, in the mid-2000s, Gilded Age even produced a rendering that showed the remaining blocks of Bohemian Hill replaced with a combination of new housing and shops.

If approved, this project could solidify the Bohemian Hill remnant’s preservation. Other early 2000s-era infill exists at 13th and Soulard, shown below:

Photo Credit: Built St. Louis

The six townhouses would be constructed on the vacant lot visible in this photograph. The Old City Hospital, now a residential building known as the Georgian, looms in the background:

Photo Credit: Built St. Louis

Click here to read more on Bohemian Hill, including some photographs of the buildings that were demolished to create the Gilded Age development in the now-gone western portion of the neighborhood, at the Built St. Louis website.

Click here for a map of the area.

Grand Center Building to See Residential Conversion? (3755 Lindell)

The stately buff brick building located at 3755 Lindell in the Grand Center neighborhood may soon see a $1.7 million rehab into an unspecified number of residential units. A building permit application in that amount was submitted to the city this week by owner Travelers Protective Association of America. The contractor is the Harlan Company. The building permit has not yet been issued.

Below is a recent photograph of the building, which sits in a row of monumental structures across from St. Louis University that is sometimes called the “Lindell Strip”.


If we receive more information on this development, such as a unit count, we will post it here.

Click here for a map of the area.

Gerhart Block Redevelopment to Include Neighboring Property (3910-12 Laclede)

The proposed $8 million redevelopment of the Gerhart Block at the eastern edge of the Central West End neighborhood that was announced in February of this year may include the neighboring property at 3910-12 Laclede. Capstone Development is the developer. The development has a Facebook page that contains pictures of both the Gerhart Block building and the 3910-12 Laclede building.

The building at 3910-12 Laclede sports a striking black cast iron turret and would be a small neighborhood landmark were it not somewhat tucked away in a semi-industrial pocket of the City.

Below is a Google Streetview capture of the building:


The project has not officially begun (not permits have yet been issued), but it appears interior demolition is underway, as there is currently a dumpster behind the building.

Below is a before/after shot of the Gerhart Block, which neighbors 3910-12 Laclede to the east:


Click here for a map of the area.

Alverne Rehab to Ramp Up Soon? (1014 Locust)

The planned rehab of the old Alverne Hotel building (1014-1025 Locust) in the heart of Downtown St. Louis into 81 apartments may be ramping up soon.

A $500,000 interior alterations building permit application is now on file with the City, adding to an existing $100,000 permit issued in January of this year. The owner is Brian Hayden, who has rehabbed 400 Washington into apartments (Gallery 400) as well as the old Millennium Center into apartments and office space (Gallery 515).

Below is a photograph of the Alverne obtained from the website Built St. Louis:


Click here for a map of the area.

New Mansion Coming to Lindell Boulevard (5805 Lindell)

A new mansion is headed to 5805 Lindell in the Skinker-DeBaliviere neighborhood’s Forest Park-facing Catlin Tract, which St. Louisans know as one of our region’s finest collection of large, ornate homes.

The building permit application (note that the permit has not yet been issued) is valued at $1.4 million to construct the single-family home. The city’s Preservation Board gave approval to the new home at its February 2014 meeting (read the agenda item here). Currently, the site is a large, wooded lot.

Below is a drawing of the front facade of the building.


To read more on this development, see nextSTL’s previous blog post on this home.

Click here for a map of the area.

Botanical Heights Home to be Rehabbed (4159 McRee)

A long vacant Botanical Heights home located at 4159 McRee will be rehabbed by UIC as a part of its Botanical Grove development at a cost of $235,000. The home is located on the 4100 block of McRee, one block east of the hotbed of activity of UIC’s development. Interestingly, the home has been pre-sold prior to the start of rehabilitation work.

UIC plans to rehab most of the 4100 block of McRee’s stock of historic buildings, many of them four-families, into “green” apartments, a departure from their for-sale strategy on the 4200 block of McRee.

Below is a Google Streetview capture of 4159 McRee, which currently has a large hole in its roof and may look to passers-by as a lost cause. Quite to the contrary, this magnificent old home should soon be spotless!


Click here for a map of the area.

New Single Family Home Coming to the Central West End (4321 Maryland)

A new single family home will be constructed at 4321 Maryland in the Central West End. A $300,000 building permit application is on file with the City. The owner is Ryan Denisi.

The home is located in the Central West End Local Historic District and therefore required City approval of design prior to construction. That approval was granted at the March 2014 Preservation Board meeting.

Below is a drawing of the front facade, obtained from the City’s Cultural Resources Office’s March 2014 agenda:


And here is a Google Streetview capture of the current vacant lot:


Click here for a map of the area.

Proposed Opus Mixed Use Tower on Lindell Moves Forward (4643 Lindell)

The proposed $68 million development of a 12-story mixed use apartment building at 4643 Lindell is moving forward. The developer, Opus Group, has applied for a $68 million building permit this week. That permit has not yet been issued.

The mid-rise will house 217 apartments, 10,000 square feet of retail space, a pool, and more. To read more on the Opus tower, please read the nextSTL story. Construction is expected to begin this summer.

Below is a rendering of the new mid-rise, courtesy of nextSTL.

The new tower will replace the small American Heart Association building currently on the site.

Click here for a map of the area.

Two-Family Building to be Constructed in the Central West End (4384-86 Olive)

A two-family townhouse building will be constructed on two adjacent vacant lots addressed as 4584 and 4586 Olive Street in the Central West End, just west of Gaslight Square. The owner is Fenix Fund, LLC.

The project sought and was granted preliminary approval from the city’s Preservation Board at its February 24, 2014 meeting. Each parcel shows a $200,000 building permit application. The building permits have not yet been issued.

Below is a drawing of the north (primary) elevation of the two homes obtained from the Cultural Resources Office agenda prepared for the Preservation Board hearing:

Click here to read the Cultural Resources Office agenda item reviewing the Olive proposal (page 23 of the PDF).

Click here for a map of the area.

Washington Avenue Building to be Rehabbed? (1214 Washington)

The Gothic revival-styled building located at 1214 Washington Avenue in the Downtown West neighborhood may soon be rehabbed by its owner at a cost of $1,000,000, per a recent building permit application. Planned are five residential units and a ground floor commercial space. The building permit has not yet been issued.

Below is a Google Streetview capture of the building (at center, with the spires):image

Click here for a brief Built St. Louis write up on the building (as well as its shorter neighbor to the west).

Click here for a map of the area.

Arcade-Wright Building Rehab Moves Forward (800 Olive)

The rehab of the Arcade-Wright Building in the heart of downtown St. Louis took a step forward yesterday with a building permit application for rehab valued at $75 million. That building permit has not yet been issued.

Construction is expected to begin in a month on the massive complex, which will turn the two interconnected vacant buildings (the Arcade and Wright) into 282 residential units as well as a commercial space in the old arcade portion of the building. Dominium Development, which has already rehabbed the Metropolitan building in Grand Center and the Leather Trades building in Downtown West into lofts geared towards artists, is the developer.

A large portion of the 282 residential units will be affordable. The commercial space will be occupied by an “institutional tenant” rumored to be Webster University.

Below is a photograph of the Arcade-Wright complex obtained from Bill Streeter’s Flickr page:

Below is a shot of the interior Arcade commercial space obtained from the Built St. Louis website:

Click here to read more about the impending Arcade-Wright rehab.

Click here for a map of the area.

Building Permit Issued for West Pine Lofts Project (4034 West Pine)

A nearly $15,000,000 building permit has been issued for the proposed West Pine Lofts development at 4034 West Pine in the far eastern edge of the Central West End.

Hallmark Campus Communities, a developer that specializes in student-oriented housing, will construct the 206-unit, 4-story all-residential building. Current plans call for storefronts to face Sarah Street, but these storefronts will be filled with community space and a leasing office—not retail or restaurants. Several small scale industrial buildings on West Pine will be demolished to make way for the sprawling development.

For more details on the development, please read the nextSTL story here.

Below is a rendering showing the Sarah elevation (all photos obtained from the nextSTL story above):

And here is a rendering of the West Pine elevation:

The site plan is shown below:

Click here for a map of the area.

Remarkable Transformation in the Gate District Now Complete (2714 Lafayette)

A mixed use building located at 2714 Lafayette in the Gate District has undergone a remarkable rehab from a blank facade to an attractive historic building. The owner is Tuxedo Park Leasing, LLC. A firm known as Spry Digital occupies a portion of the rehabbed building. For interior shots, click here.

Below is the “before” shot of 2714 Lafayette:

And here is a recent photograph showing the completion of facade restoration:

Click here for a map of the area.

Home in Skinker DeBaliviere to be Rehabbed (5859 DeGiverville)

A stately home located at 5859 DeGiverville in the Skinker DeBaliviere neighborhood will be rehabbed at a cost of $130,000.

Below is a Google Streetview capture of the home (in the center of the photo):

According to city records, the home has been vacant for at least seven years. The owner is Eric Trudo.

Click here for a map of the area.

New Home Facing Lafayette Park to Be Built (1414 Mississippi)

A new home will be constructed on a Lafayette Park-facing vacant lot addressed as 1414 Mississippi. The contractor on the permit is shown to be Diversified Real Estate Group.

The building permit valued at $400,000 was issued this week. The home will be one of two constructed on the parcel currently addressed as 1412 Mississippi, just south of Park Avenue.

Below is a rendering of both proposed homes:

And here is a shot of the vacant lot from Geo St. Louis:

Click here for the MLS listing while it is still active.

Click here for a map of the area.