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Marine Villa Home Under Rehab (3453 Wisconsin)

A two-family home located at 3453 Wisconsin in the Marine Villa neighborhood is currently under a $40,000 rehab and conversion into a single family, per a recently issued building permit. The owner is shown on the building permit at Charles Brown, though Geo St. Louis lists the owner as Neighborhood Renewal Partners, LLC.

Below is a Google Streetview capture of the building:


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Rehab of Tower Grove East Home Nearly Complete (3500 McKean)

The $265,000 rehab of a Tower Grove East corner building located at 3500 McKean is nearly completion. Rubicon Corp. is the developer.

Below is a recent photograph of the building:


And here is a “before” shot, courtesy of Geo St. Louis:

3500 McKean001.jpg34351

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New Home Coming to St. Louis Hills (6474 Kinsey Place)

A new single family home will soon be constructed in the St. Louis Hills Estates subdivision of the St. Louis Hills neighborhood. The address is 6474 Kinsey Place. The permit amount is $300,000. The builder is McKelvey Homes.

A small ranch-style home was torn down earlier this year to make way for this new, larger house. Demolitions are extremely rare in St. Louis Hills, making this teardown a significant change to this otherwise quiet, proto-suburban enclave of the City. St. Louis Hills Estates was one of the last large development sites left in the City of St. Louis corporate limits after World War II. It is one of the only places within city limits that one can find a large concentration of ranch-style homes.

Below is a rendering of the new home from a sign posted at the construction site.


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Formerly Mixed-Use Buildings along 39th Street to be Rehabbed (3901-09 Folsom and 3861-69 McRee)

Two formerly mixed-use buildings located a block apart from one another along 39th Street in the Botanical Heights and Tiffany neighborhoods will be rehabbed by owner Botanical Heights Associates, LLC.

The first, 3901-09 Folsom, is located in the Botanical Heights neighborhood, at 39th and Folsom. The former mixed use complex of buildings will be rehabbed into 13 residential units at a cost of $494,000, per permit records. The building permit has not yet been issued.

Two photographs of 3901-09 Folsom are shown below, courtesy of Geo St. Louis, starting with 3901-05 Folsom:


And here is 3907 Folsom, in the foreground, located just west of 3901-05:


Click here for a map of 3901-09 Folsom.

The second rehab by Botanical Heights Associates is 3861-69 McRee, located one block south and across 39th Street in the Tiffany neighborhood. The rehab will produce 6 residential units and will cost $235,000. The building permit has not yet been issued.

Below are Geo St. Louis photographs of the building.

The first photo faces northwest on McRee towards the corner unit, which fronts 39th:

3861 MCREE011

The second photo faces north looking at the interior units on McRee:

3861 MCREE012

Click here for a map of 3861-69 McRee.

Botanical Heights Two-Family to be Rehabbed (4171 Blaine)

A two-family structure located at 4171 Blaine in the footprint of the second phase of UIC’s Botanical Grove development will be rehabbed into a single family at a cost of $178,000. This rehab sits just to the east of two recently constructed UIC contemporary homes.

Below is a Google Streetview photograph of 4171 Blaine prior to the construction of the two new homes to the west (left):


This more recent photograph shows 4171 Blaine in the background, situated next to the two new UIC homes.

2014-04-26 11.17.56

A rendering of the rehabbed 4171 Blaine may be seen here, or below:


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Stone House in Ruins to be Rehabbed (124 E. Steins)

A stone alley house constructed in the mid-19th Century located at 124 E. Steins in the Patch neighborhood may soon be rehabbed. Owners Timothy and Dorothy Marcia, who have purchased and begun restoring a neighboring stone house to the west, have applied for a building permit in the amount of $41,500 for interior and exterior alterations of 124 E. Steins. That building permit was issued this week.

The tiny home has been in ruins for decades, with a circa 1980 National Register of Historic Places nomination of a small district of stone houses mentioning that this particular home, at the alley line, had suffered a recent fire.

German immigrants arrived in St. Louis in the 1840s in droves and transformed many St. Louis neighborhoods. Many Germans settled in the Carondelet neighborhood, then its own city far south of St. Louis, and constructed simple dwellings that looked not unlike the French brick homes found closer to downtown except for one striking difference–entire facades were comprised of limestone.

The area of East of Broadway in the present day “Patch neighborhood”, which takes in much of Old Carondelet, has become mostly industrial. With that change in land use patterns, many of these diminutive dwellings have been demolished. The ones that remain are generally in poor shape, or are threatened by further industrial expansion.

A rehab of this very small stone house at 124 E. Steins would be a large step for preservation of this fading German heritage on the far South Side of St. Louis.

Below is a photograph of 124 Steins Street obtained from the Spore Projects blog:

mythory tour 050

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Benton Park Corner Building to be Rehabbed (1956-58 Wyoming)

A vacant and boarded corner building located at 1956-58 Wyoming in the Benton Park neighborhood will soon be rehabbed by Garcia Development at a cost of $250,000.

The building is listed by the Assessor as two units; one in the attached 1956 building to the east (the un-boarded building next to the corner building) and one in the corner building at 1958. The rehab may turn the entire building into one residential unit, per permit records.

Garcia Development is better known for its rehabs and rentals in the Tower Grove and South Kingshighway/Chippewa areas. Perhaps the company will begin more rehabbing in the eastern part of the City?

Below is a Google Streetview capture of the building:


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New Botanical Heights Single Family Home Nearly Complete (4150 Blaine)

A new single family home located at 4150 Blaine in the Botanical Heights neighborhood is nearing completion. The home is part of Phase Two of UIC‘s popular Botanical Grove development. That development has propelled an unlikely area for reinvestment–old McRee Town–into a status as one of the city’s redevelopment hot spots. Having rehabbed around 26 housing units on the once scraggly and depleted 4200 block of McRee alone, UIC has reported that just three of those remain unsold.

Phase Two of the Botanical Grove development shifts the activity northward and eastward, to the 4100 blocks of McRee and Blaine. The 4100 block of McRee will be mostly comprised of rentals with green features. The 4100 block of Blaine will be mostly for sale housing, including new models such as the flounder and “flounder-plus” models.

The first flounder-plus home on the 4100 block of Blaine is nearing completion. Below is a recent shot of 4150 Blaine:


When completed, the row of single family homes proposed for the 4100 block of Blaine should look similar to the rendering below. The houses with the angular roof are the flounder model, a contemporary take on the historic housing style somewhat unique to St. Louis. For more information on the flounder house UIC model and the historic flounder-style housing stock of St. Louis, please see the earlier nextSTL article on the topic (though note that the designs for the 41xx Blaine flounders has changed since then).


Click here for a map of the area.

Gerhart Block Redevelopment to Include Neighboring Property (3910-12 Laclede)

The proposed $8 million redevelopment of the Gerhart Block at the eastern edge of the Central West End neighborhood that was announced in February of this year may include the neighboring property at 3910-12 Laclede. Capstone Development is the developer. The development has a Facebook page that contains pictures of both the Gerhart Block building and the 3910-12 Laclede building.

The building at 3910-12 Laclede sports a striking black cast iron turret and would be a small neighborhood landmark were it not somewhat tucked away in a semi-industrial pocket of the City.

Below is a Google Streetview capture of the building:


The project has not officially begun (not permits have yet been issued), but it appears interior demolition is underway, as there is currently a dumpster behind the building.

Below is a before/after shot of the Gerhart Block, which neighbors 3910-12 Laclede to the east:


Click here for a map of the area.

Entire Block of South Broadway in the Patch to See Rehab? (7200-30 S. Broadway)

Will an entire blockface of buildings on the 7200 block of South Broadway in the Patch neighborhood be rehabbed soon? A Board Bill (#26) is working its way through the Board of Alderman this session to grant 10-year tax abatement to the proposed rehab project. The developer has not yet applied for building permits.

Redevelopment plans submitted to the Board of Alderman must now be shown to be in compliance with the city’s Sustainability Plan. That “Summary of Applicability” document notes that the proposed project “will save a very important…block vulnerable to demolition”, indicating that the project is to rehab the buildings rather than demolish. There is also notation that the project will maintain the mixed-use character of the buildings present.

Below are several Geo St. Louis photographs showing each of the buildings on the block, starting from the southernmost point (South Broadway at East Robert) moving northward to South Broadway and Nagel.









Click here for a map of the area.

Vacant, Condemned Soulard Building to See Some Rehab Work? (1041 Shenandoah)

Another vacant and condemned Soulard building may soon be rehabbed. A $60,000 building permit has been issued to the owners of 1041 Shenandoah for interior and exterior alterations. This permit comes in the same week that another one of Soulard’s most visibly decayed structures also saw a rehab permit issued–1212-14 Lynch.

Below is a Google Streetview capture of 1041 Shenandoah:


The $60,000 permit may not be enough money to fully restore this worn building, but it should be enough at least to stabilize the building and re-sell it.

Since the early 1970s a large number of Soulard structures have been rehabbed, leaving very few visibly vacant and decaying buildings where once there were many. If 1041 Shenandoah and 1212-14 Lynch see full rehabs, that will leave the partially collapsed building at 1925-27 S. 10th Street as the neighborhood’s “neediest case” for rehabilitation.

Click here for a map of the area.

Former Hope Lutheran School to be Converted to Residential? (5320 Brannon)

The former Hope Lutheran School located at 5320 Brannon in the Southampton neighborhood may soon see a $600,000+ rehab into 22 residential units. The owner, 5320 Brannon, LLC, applied for a building permit in that amount last week. That permit has not yet been issued, though a May 2014 building permit for interior demolition in the amount of $25,000 has been issued.

If we receive more information on this development, such as whether the units will be for-sale or apartments, we will post it here.

Below is a Geo St. Louis photograph of the old school:

5320 brannon001 copy

Click here for a map of the area.

Vacant, Damaged Soulard Building to be Rehabbed (1212-14 Lynch)

One of Soulard’s last remaining visibly vacant structures will soon be rehabbed. The building at 1212-14 Lynch, listed by the City Assessor as a three-family structure, will see a $200,000 rehab into two fee simple townhouses by owner Renovations Unlimited, LLC.

In February 2011, this building was threatened with demolition by a previous owner. The building had caught fire and the owners sought to demolish the building instead of rehabbing or selling. The city’s Cultural Resources Office (CRO) staff recommended denial of the demolition permit for the building. The Preservation Board heeded this recommendation at the February 2011 meeting. The PDF of that meeting’s agenda that details the building’s then-current condition and the CRO recommendation may be found here, on Page 44.

Below is a Geo St. Louis photograph of the building.

1212 lynch009

Click here for a map of the area.

Two New, Unusual Homes Coming to Benton Park? (2834 McNair and 2841 Indiana)

In October of 2013, two different owners proposed to construct two somewhat unusual single family homes on two separate but nearby vacant lots in the Benton Park neighborhood. Both properties were required to seek approval  from the city’s Preservation Board, as both homes fall within the Benton Park Local Historic District. Both homes were given the green light at the Preservation Board’s October 2013 monthly meeting.

The first, located at 2834 McNair, is a rather institutional-looking red brick two-story building that would subsume what was once two vacant lots. The land has since been re-subdivided into one parcel. Yesterday, a building permit application in the amount of $300,000 was received by the City to construct the large single family home. That building permit has not yet been issued.

Below is a rendering provided to the city’s Cultural Resources Office (CRO) staff for review back in October 2013. Please note that the designs shown below may not be the product that will soon be built. Often developers and architects discuss the details of the new construction with CRO staff and make edits to their designs in order to ensure compliance with Local Historic District code.


Click here for a map of 2834 McNair.

The second home is designed to be ADA-accessible throughout, which explains its low-slung, one-story horizontal design. It is located at 2841 Indiana. A drawing of the design is shown below. The home will stretch across four city parcels, which are likely to be consolidated at a later date.

Again, the design shown below may have changed since October 2013.


The $350,000 building permit for this single family structure has already been issued (as of February 2014) and site work is now underway.

Click here for a map of 2841 Indiana.

Vacant Benton Park Home to be Rehabbed (3318 Wisconsin)

A home at 3318 Wisconsin vacant for at least the past decade may soon see a $100,000 rehab by Tiger Lily Development’s Patty Maher. Maher recently completed a stunning transformation of a onetime vacant and damaged Tower Grove East corner building that many thought would be demolished. The building permit application for 3318 Wisconsin was filed with the City yesterday. It has not yet been issued.

The 3300 block of Wisconsin is Benton Park’s most vacant and troubled block, speaking in terms of physical infrastructure. Many of the block’s homes remain vacant, though sporadic rehabs have occurred over the past few years. Sadly, a portion of 3318 Wisconsin became unstable and was demolished in February 2014. The remaining portion of the parcel addressed as 3318 Wisconsin–a stately 3-story Second Empire-styled building–is set for rehab.

Below is a Google Streetview capture displaying the portion of the parcel that was demolished and the portion that will be rehabbed:


For an unadulterated Geo St. Louis shot (and one from a different angle), see below:

3318-24 wiscosin001

While it is a shame to lose historic housing stock in a strengthening neighborhood like Benton Park, it is something of a consolation prize to see the demolished building’s attached neighbor get some rehabber attention.

Click here for a map of the area.