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Apartment Block in Grand Center under Rehab (3718-22 Cook)

A previously-vacant apartment building located in the Grand Center neighborhood at 3718-22 Cook is now under a $500,000 rehab by owner New Solutions Development, LLC. The set of two buildings, which houses 54 units currently, will be rehabbed into 30 units total. The building permit was issued last week.

Below is a photograph of the exterior of the building:


The building is located about two blocks east of the much-celebrated mixed-income North Sarah Development, now with a Phase III in planning that would bring development on the east side of Vandeventer closer to the site of this rehab.

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Lafayette Square Warehouse Set for Mixed Use Conversion (1917 Rutger)

A warehouse building located at 1917 Rutger (at Mississippi Avenue) in Lafayette Square may soon be rehabbed into 30 residential units and 1 commercial space according to a recent building permit application. Owner JLSK Properties, LLC has applied for a permit in the amount of $800,000 to rehab the building. That permit has not yet been issued.

Below is a Google Streetview capture of the building:


Lafayette Square was initially an upscale 19th Century Victorian suburb that was quite a hike from the bustling city (within the confines of today’s downtown). As factories and warehouses began to encroach on the residential district in the 20th Century, the well-heeled residents fled to new wealthy enclaves farther west. Today, in cyclical fashion. some of these warehouses and industrial sites have been converted back into residential uses (the Lofts at Lafayette Square/M Lofts). The warehouse at 1917 Rutger may soon add to those ranks.

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New 179-Unit Student Housing Building Coming to Grand Center (3700-3824 Olive)?

A new 179-unit residential building geared toward students may soon be in development at the southwest corner of Olive Street and North Spring Avenue. The address listed on the building permit application is “3700-3824 Olive”, which would take in about a block and a half of Olive Street west of Spring. Two buildings within the address span of 3700-3824 Olive have been demolished in the past few years; one historic building, at 3724 Olive, remains. All other parcels in the range are vacant lots. Matthew Foggy, Jr. is shown as owner of the eastern half of the collective lots; Grand Center, Inc, owns the western portion.

Olive Street

Note that this permit application is shown as “zoning only,” which indicates that the city’s Zoning Board must first approve the proposed land use prior to the permit application moving any further. The site is presently zoned H – Area Commercial.

Below is a Google Streetview capture of 3700 Olive, just one block north of Lindell and St. Louis University and one (long) block west of Grand.


The developer listed on the permit is Peak Campus Development out of Atlanta, Georgia. Examples of developments the company has tackled in other cities are shown in their portfolio here.

Peak Campus Management acquired the management contract for the Lindell Strip (Coronado Place, Moolah Place, and Lindell Towers, partially visible in the photo above) in June 2013. See the press release for that announcement here.

New residential construction in Grand Center would be a major turning-point for the district, which has seen mixed-use historic rehabs and some new commercial construction, but no new residential buildings at all, and none without some frontage on Grand.

Other details on the proposed development are scarce. More on this development proposal as it comes to us.

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Two New Homes Coming to Gaslight Square (4161 and 4163 Olive)

Developer/builder UIC’s three-lot Olive Green development may soon be complete with the construction of two new single family homes located at 4161 and 4163 Olive in the heart of the Gaslight Square development. The home at 4165 Olive was completed nearly a year ago. UIC applied for building permits this week in the amount of $200,000 for 4161 Olive and $220,000 for 4163 Olive. Those building permits have not yet been issued.

Below is a photograph of 4165 Olive (partially obscured by a street lamp–apologies) from last year. According to UIC’s PDF for the Olive Green development, 4161 and 4163 Olive will look nearly identical.


And here is a screen capture of a rendering of the three Olive Green homes together:


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Benton Park Home Under Rehab (2106 Wyoming)

A single family home located at 2106 Wyoming in the Benton Park neighborhood is presently undergoing a $100,000 rehab by owner Goad and Roberts Development, LLC.

Below is a (distorted) Google Streetview capture:


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Patch Single Family Rehab Now Complete (7716 Vermont)

A single family home located at 7716 Vermont in the Patch (South Carondelet) neighborhood has been rehabbed by owner Sam and Sons, LLC at a cost of $200,000.

Below is a shot of the exterior of the home, obtained from the currently-active real estate listing by Garcia Properties:


And here is the “before” shot, courtesy of Google Streetview:


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Benton Park Home to See Rehab (2930 McNair)

A small home located at 2930 McNair in the Benton Park neighborhood that has been vacant for several years may soon see a $40,000 rehab by owner Michael Radmer. According to the Benton Park National Register of Historic Places nomination, the structure was built in 1888.

Below is a Google Streetview capture of the home:


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UIC Offers Infill on Gibson in The Grove

Avant-Grove by UIC - St. Louis, MO

Developer UIC, best known for their Botanical Grove project including wine bar Olio, City Garden Montessori School, single family infill and new construction in McRee Town, has several sites available in The Grove. The following was recently posted on the company’s Facebook page:

A few months ago, we posted a survey on asking for feedback on what kind of house to build on a few lots that we are developing in The Grove. When asked about housing features, the response was to design a larger house than we have previously done, with a lot of customizable options including green features, luxury kitchens, master suites, and backyards/ leisure zones. DONE. However, we added tall, dark, and designer, too. These three models play nice with their old turn-of-the-century friends, but bring modern to new heights within the St. Louis City housing stock.

You can see more at UIC recently won approval for its first multi-unit new construction project. That project will contain 20 apartments with ground floor retail.

Avant-Grove by UIC - St. Louis, MOAvant-Grove by UIC - St. Louis, MO

Avant-Grove by UIC - St. Louis, MOAvant-Grove by UIC - St. Louis, MO

Avant-Grove by UIC - St. Louis, MOAvant-Grove by UIC - St. Louis, MO

New Six-Unit Residential Structure to be Added to Compton Gate Condominiums Site (3606 Flad)

A new six-unit residential building will rise on the Compton Gate Condos site on South Grand, just west of Compton Heights in the Shaw neighborhood. The parcel is addressed as 3606-16 Flad. The permit amount is $810,000 and the listed contractor is The Building Pros.

The six townhouses will sit to the rear (west) of the existing Compton Gate Condos, completed in 2007. The foundation for this smaller structure was poured around then, but the recession halted construction until now.

Duffe Nuernberger Realty has the site listed as “sold” for the price of $75,000 on its website. That link also contains a rendering, shown below:


These six new townhouse units are styled similarly to the existing building, shown below (image courtesy of Duffe Nuernberger Realty):


Click here for an aerial map, which also shows the already-poured foundation.

Six New Townhouses Coming to Bohemian Hill? (1703 S. Tucker)

The St. Louis Redevelopment Company, LLC has applied for a building permit to construct six new townhouses at 1703 S. Tucker (at the corner of Lafayette) in the Bohemian Hill section of the City (technically within the Peabody Darst Webbe neighborhood). The permit is labeled as “zoning only”, which means the city’s Zoning Section must approve the land use for the site prior to any further work or permit issuance.

The architect on the project may be Anthony Duncan, who has been tasked with designing several outside-of-the-box projects in St. Louis.

One such project is a shipping container structure in the Grove, a project that seems to be stalled. Below is the rendering for that project found on Mr. Duncan’s website:

TB 11x17_CS2

In this early stage of the Bohemian Hill project, there are no known renderings or sketches of the proposed Bohemian Hill infill. If we discover such images, we will be sure to post them on this blog.

Nevertheless, it is significant that there is a residential proposal for this large and highly visibly vacant lot. For years the entirety of Bohemian Hill seemed to be threatened with demolition by the encroaching Gilded Age development to the west that now includes a Walgreen’s and local grocer Fields Foods. In fact, in the mid-2000s, Gilded Age even produced a rendering that showed the remaining blocks of Bohemian Hill replaced with a combination of new housing and shops.

If approved, this project could solidify the Bohemian Hill remnant’s preservation. Other early 2000s-era infill exists at 13th and Soulard, shown below:

Photo Credit: Built St. Louis

The six townhouses would be constructed on the vacant lot visible in this photograph. The Old City Hospital, now a residential building known as the Georgian, looms in the background:

Photo Credit: Built St. Louis

Click here to read more on Bohemian Hill, including some photographs of the buildings that were demolished to create the Gilded Age development in the now-gone western portion of the neighborhood, at the Built St. Louis website.

Click here for a map of the area.

Home2 Suites by Hilton Hotel Proposal in Forest Park Southeast Moving Forward? (920 S. Taylor)

A 106-room hotel of the Home2 Suites by Hilton variety may soon be under construction at 920 S. Taylor in the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood. A $5.2 million building permit application is now on file with the City. The permit has not yet been issued. The hotel would sit just a few blocks south of the Medical Center and the Central West End MetroLink Station.

Below is the prototypical design of a Home2Suites-branded Hilton Hotel:


And here is the proposed site plan:

HiltonSiteNote that what is shown in the above site plan as a “pocket park” is now a proposed three-story office building (more on that here).

For more information on this Home2Suites by Hilton development, see the nextSTL coverage here.

Click here for a map of the area.

Forest Park Southeast Home to be Rehabbed (4366 Hunt)

A home located at 4366 Hunt in the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood may soon be rehabbed by owner Victor Vitt, Jr. at a cost of $75,000.

Below is a Google Streetview capture of the building:


Click here for a map of the area.

Shaw Home Sees Transformation (4031 Shenandoah)

One of the Shaw neighborhood’s most unsightly properties has lost that designation with a $150,000 rehab that restored its front porch and gable elements. The property is located at 4031 Shenandoah. The contractor was BDM Construction.

Below is the after-shot:

And here is the before-shot, courtesy of Geo St. Louis, presenting an odd sight in an otherwise well-kept block:


Click here for a map of the area.

Fox Park Two-Family to See Rehab (2625 Armand)

A two-family building located at 2625 Armand Place in the Fox Park neighborhood may soon see a $75,000 rehab by owner Cardinal Capital Consulting, Inc. The building will be rehabbed into a single family. The permit has not yet been issued.

Below is a Google Streetview capture of the building:


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Grand Center Building to See Residential Conversion? (3755 Lindell)

The stately buff brick building located at 3755 Lindell in the Grand Center neighborhood may soon see a $1.7 million rehab into an unspecified number of residential units. A building permit application in that amount was submitted to the city this week by owner Travelers Protective Association of America. The contractor is the Harlan Company. The building permit has not yet been issued.

Below is a recent photograph of the building, which sits in a row of monumental structures across from St. Louis University that is sometimes called the “Lindell Strip”.


If we receive more information on this development, such as a unit count, we will post it here.

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